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Compressor cleans up fossils at Jurassic museum

BOGE has supplied one of its compressed air stations for an unusual application at a multi-million-pound museum on Dorset’s Jurassic coast.

The celebrated Etches Collection of around 2,200 fossils will be housed in a purpose-built £4.7 million building in Kimmeridge, between Swanage and Weymouth. The museum has been developed and constructed by ...
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Climate control for steakhouse

Mark Climate Technology has supplied an Airstream CFX for the climate ...
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Tipping gear wors reliably

With long term reliability and minimal service requirements key ...
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Aqueous degreasers clean up

NCH Europe, has launched Aqua-Sol, a new range of aqueous water based ...
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Portable evaporative cooler

ICS Cool Energy has launched a high-efficiency portable evaporative cooler ...
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Faster lithium-ion battery

Jungheinrich extends its Lithium-Ion battery leadership with a 48 V ...
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Forklift static standards

The EU standard to which explosion protected forklifts are designed is ...
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Safety first for wireless networks

New regulatory requirements come into force this year that will affect the burgeoning industrial wireless industry as Mark Venables explains.

The prospect of adding wireless devices to automation architecture is compelling due to the potential business benefits and incremental operational improvements. Another trend that has major implications ...
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Fixing the future

Thermography and vibration monitoring can be invaluable in detecting problems with machinery. But how can plant engineers get the most value? Hywel Roberts investigates
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Bureau Veritas create PATH

Here CEO Ken Smith talks about the new PATH initiative and the importance of training and development
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Getting to the root

There are many tools that can be utilised to improve performance of plant, one such methodology is Root Cause Analysis. But as Mark Venables discovers it is not as widely used as many believe.
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