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Rolling and plain bearings help optimise Winter Olympic bobsleds

Schaeffler is supporting German bobsled pilot Nico Walther and the German Winter Olympic bobsled team by supplying rolling bearings and plain bearings that meet the most demanding technical requirements.

In a bobsled competition, there are two runs that each last less than 60 seconds. The first five seconds are decisive as they determine how much ...
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High accuracy in paired chain

Machine designs often call for chains to be used in pairs or other ...
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Rotor positioning bearings

SKF has augmented its rotor positioning bearings range with a new and ...
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Making robotics a reality

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) often highlights consumer trends ...
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The future of logistics

Electric tug specialist MasterMover will be unveiling its automated guided ...
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SafeStart workshops

Safety training programme SafeStart is inviting companies to attend its ...
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Personal sampling pump

Casella’s latest air quality sampling pumps have been added to the Ashtead ...
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The difference between rupture disc and buckling pin relief valves

Buckling Pin Relief Valves (BPRVs) and rupture discs both have a similar primary function. They are used to protect against the over-pressurisation of a range of applications. Information from ASME VIII Division I suggests the two are interchangeable.

BPRVs and rupture discs are both favoured over relief valves, as they offer full-bore openings. ...
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Changing times

It’s time to think seriously about joining the Fourth Industrial Revolution before UK manufacturers get left behind by more progressive nations, warns Chris Beck
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Keeping guard

When it comes to machine safety, failure to adhere to regulations can be an expensive business, but compliance need not be such an onerous task, as Mark Venables explains
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Under pressure

Chris Beck learns how, when it comes to compressed air savings, even a small change can make a big difference
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